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James Parks is notable for a deep and resounding singing voice in the role of “Colin Firth,” but he takes on a host of other parts as well, including some memorable turns in drag.”

–Mark Dundas Wood for Full Review


“ As the over-the-hill cocaine-snorting rock star, Hayward perfectly nails Bill Nighy's sinewy mannerisms, and James Parks is delightful as his long-suffering manager.”

–James Wilson for Full Review


“Joni Mitchell is also brought to life here by James Parks in a funny duet with Spangler.”

-Juliet Hindell for Full Review

“Then there’s Colin Firth (James Parks) falling in love with a woman who doesn’t speak English (the movie’s Aurélia is “Areola” here) and being perhaps the most ridiculed of all the original plotlines for it’s absurdity, their language barrier in the musical doesn’t disappoint with its comedic flair.”

–Christopher Peterson for Full Review

"We heard beautiful orchestral sounds, and songs that were remarkably delivered by a great young singer actor (James Parks), who simply transformed into the older man.  He sang low and high; his full register is remarkable and his tenor intensity cut through the sometimes loud accompaniment." -Peter Dizzoza Full Review


"Lyric tenor James Parks never deviated from straight bel canto delivery that conveyed a kind of pure integrity and determination worthy of Dag Hammarskjöld... I’d love to hear James Parks again."

-Leonard Lehrman for SoundWordSight Full Review



Missing Gemini was nominated for 7 Strawberry festival awards and won 5 including James Parks winning Best Actor in a Full Length Play or Musical.

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Pictured from L to R:

Christine Roseblatt, Jillian Jameson, Molly Rose Heller, Conor McShane, James Parks, Anna Kirkland

"The cast was delightful. Outstanding were, as usual, Darcy Dunn, along with Carolyn Lyell and James Parks." 

-Leonard Lehrman for SoundWordSight

Full Review

"The company includes some superb voices, especially those of the male leads. The pompous Mr. Collins’ (James Parks) introductory number is decently done."

-Jon Sobel for Full Review


"Other standouts are Chris Donavan’s smoothly sung Mr. Bingly and James Parks’ roundly voiced and perfectly clueless Mr. Collins."

-Melody Breyer-Gell for Full Review

"James Parks as Repo is also a joy to watch, his properness and constant surprise at Tech's outlandish plans quickly giving way to greed." -Natalie Sacks for Charged.FM Full Review


"The actors, specifically Debbie Williams and James Parks, have their moments." -Sparkman Clark for Times Square Chronicles Full Review



"James Parks’ beautiful voice and presence as the Young Man casts a dreamlike mist into the goings on. Parks never overpowers, but remains ethereal in his short renditions of operas (he sings Mozart and Verdi) and an Italian folk song. He shines the most after the recounting of Ralph’s tryout at the Met which garnered applause from the audience."

-Michelle F. Soloman for Florida Theater on Stage Full Review


"James Parks was perfect as the overconfident yet nerdy husband, possessing a healthy legit voice; I could just envision him portraying the put upon accountant, Leo Bloom, in "The Producers." -Melody Breyer-Gell for Huffington Post Full Review


"Lauren Hoffmeier and James Parks, as wife and husband respectively, deliver powerful but appropriately lighthearted vocal performances."

-Emily Gawlack for Stage Buddy

Full Review

"Parks is wonderfully honest in his portrayal ... creates characters that actually take shape from beginning to end ...Parks’ Barry has depth and emotion. Parks brings an original rendering to the over-exposed Hello, Muddah, Hello Faddah." -Michelle F. Soloman for Florida Theater of Stage Full Review



"What needs to be said first is that director Dan Kelley and five talented singer-actors — James Parks as Barry Bockman, Eva Marie Mastrangelo as Sarah Jackman, and Ryan Halsaver, Sarah Sirota and Shane R. Tanner in multiple roles  — give the show as decent a production as it’s likely to get" 

-Christine Dolen for Miami Herald Full Review


"The five cast members — Ryan Halsaver, Eva Marie Mastrangelo, James Parks, Sarah Sirota and Shane R. Tanner — are excellent vocalists who combine for some striking harmony. They slip easily into the silliness that was Sherman’s strong suit. Their range of talent is about as vast as their singing abilities." 

-Dale King for Palm Beach ArtsPaper Full Review


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